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The Door by Miroslav Holub

The Door by Miroslav Holub
The Door

Go and open the door.
Perhaps outside
there’s a tree, or a wood,
or a garden,
or a magic town.

Go and open the door.
Perhaps outside
there’s a dog scratching.
Perhaps there’s a face outside,
or an eye
or the picture
of a picture.

Go and open the door.
If there’s fog outside
it will go.

Go and open the door.
There could be outside only
singing darkness,
and there could be outside only
wind’s hollow breath
and there could be
absolutely nothing
go and open the door.

At least
there would be
a draught.

‘The Door’ by Miroslav Holub invites the listener to ‘go and open the door’ by describing the various things that might lie beyond it.

“Art – a yearning for the ideal” Andrei Tarkovsky

Arta yearning for the ideal

 In the second chapter, Arta yearning for the ideal, of his book “Sculpting Time”, the film director Andrei Tarkovsky says: “In any case it is perfectly clear that the goal for all art—unless of course it is aimed at the ‘consumer’, like a saleable commodity—is to explain to the artist himself and to those around him what man lives for, what is the meaning of his existence. To explain to people the reason for their appearance on this planet; or if not to explain, at least to pose the question.”

Referring to art as “a yearning for the ideal” reminded me of what the British painter Colin Drew said concerning current trends in the art world on his blog: “For me they are a smoke-screen to disguise superficiality, a lack of artistic ability/sensibility, and an inability to confront existential or higher truths which cannot be described but only alluded to.” (


Colin Drew, Untitled, 1990, oil on wood

Colin Drew also referred to Kurt Schwitters who said: “Art is an archetype, as sublime as the godhead, as inexplicable as life, indefinable and without purpose.” and also Gerhard Richter who said: “Painting is the making of an analogy for something non-visual and incomprehensible: giving it form and bringing it within reach.”


Andrei Tarkovsky_Sculpting in Time