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Two Worlds Dancing by Edwina



I’ve just heard Adyashanti read a poem by Edwina called “Two Worlds Dancing” and really liked it. I found the text on, and am really grateful for that. Thanks! I shall now re-post it.

Two Worlds Dancing (beautiful poem read by Adyashanti)


When day is night

when sweet is sour and silence is music.

When the air is thick and the wind is still,

when touch is so subtle it can no longer be felt.

When at the center of my wild dancing

I meet perfect stillness.

When morning bird song is heard

as the night’s screetch of the owl.

When mothers or fathers and children are old men laughing,

when the leaf that falls from the tree signals a new beginning

and friends and lovers find the same sweetness

in parting as arriving.

When the dreaded eleventh hour arrives

and the gates of my heart burst open

and I no longer resist unlocking the shackles

that disguise of my fear expose.

When my beliefs fall away and crumble to dust.

When sorrow and joy lose all distinction

and an imperfection joins perfection.

When no soothing wisdom is sought to fill the emptiness.

When no song of angels is needed to welcome you home.

I dropped to my knees and kneel at the altar of love

and see your face.

by Edwina

The same blogger also offers a quote which I think is by Eckhart Tolle, and which I also like. Here it is:

Your Primary Purpose

Your primary purpose is to be here fully and be total in what you do so that your actions are not just means to an end. It means not allowing the preciousness of this moment to become reduced to a mere means to an end (e.g. trying to get to a better now in the future).

Because you are trapped in the mind somehow, you are always living for the next thing, for a future. But where is the future? It’s a thought in your head, a phantom you are running after. The next moment is not better than this one. Instead of being trapped like this you can become aligned with the now, with the aliveness of life itself instead of inhabiting a conceptual universe that is dead.